<a href="http://www.prestigewheels.co.uk/alloy-wheels/hello-world/"><b>Prestige Wheels</b></a><p>We offer everything you need for updating and refreshing used and new wheels to give them back the great quality finish whether for your own peace of mind, or to</p> <a href="http://www.prestigewheels.co.uk/alloy-wheels/diamond-cut-wheels/"><b>Diamond Cut Wheels</b></a><p>Last week was a record breaking time for our diamond cutting service. Find out how we can refurbish your diamond cut alloys in record time!</p> <a href="http://www.prestigewheels.co.uk/alloy-wheels/aston-martin-colour-coded-wheels/"><b>Aston Martin colour coded wheels</b></a><p>Aston Martin wheels diamond cut and coloured coded to match the bodywork , looking good</p> <a href="http://www.prestigewheels.co.uk/alloy-wheels/cracks-dents-buckled-wheel-repairs/"><b>Cracks, dents or buckled wheel repairs</b></a><p>Have you noticed the increase in potholes and damaged roads this winter? Here at  Prestige Wheels, we are seeing a marked increase in damaged wheels being brought to us.  From</p> <a href="http://www.prestigewheels.co.uk/alloy-wheels/gift-vouchers/"><b>Gift Vouchers</b></a><p>Not long till Christmas! Get your gift vouchers bought now!</p>

We are specialists in car alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment including kerb damage and corrosion. Offering on site and off site services throughout the North West, High Peak, Manchester, Sheffield, Chesterfield and across Cheshire. 0161 476 1866 or 07970 622933

Diamond Cut Alloys


Becoming more popular, these wheels require special care and attention.

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Bespoke Colours


We offer wheels in a variety of colours to suit your vehicle.

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Mobile Service


We regularly attend race meetings and shows, offering a full mobile service.

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Main Centre


We offer a full service from our main service centre at 106 Richardson St, Stockport.

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Tyre Service


We supply a massive range of tyres.

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